Journey House is firmly committed to recovery and to building more recovery-ready communities. Journey House currently operates three recovery houses. Both Sanford houses (one for men and one for women) are located a 5 minute walk from downtown Sanford, Maine. Our Lewiston men's house is in Downtown Lewiston, Maine. Journey House began in late December of 2016, when Founder Jesse Harvey opened a men's residence in Biddeford, Maine. Six months later, Eric Skillings joined the team and the Sanford men's house was born. Three months later, Journey House opened the first recovery house for women in York County, and one of the few in all of Maine that accepts women taking medication to treat their Opioid Use Disorder (OUD).

In May of 2018, Journey House opened Androscoggin County's first recovery house, capable of housing six men seeking recovery. People have come to Journey House with just the clothes on their back, and, in just a few short weeks, have begun to do amazing things in their lives and in the lives of others. People do recover when they have the opportunity to do so. #recoveryworks

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"[The] mission is to provide low-barrier and low-cost recovery residences to people seeking recovery. Cody Lemieux, a resident, said, 'Not to have to worry about where I'm sleeping at night is the biggest aspect of helping keep me sober.' Journey House also has locations in Sanford"

All residents are required to dedicate themselves to a strong program of recovery. They are required to abstain from alcohol and other illicit drugs. They are required interact positively and productively with new housemates and community members. Residents are expected to either obtain and maintain employment, be enrolled in school, or volunteer their time. Residents perform household chores, etc., and make every effort to become productive members of their new community. Residents may stay as long as they wish, and staff are available in the beginning for support with employment, healthcare, etc., and in the end, with transitioning to independence, and at all points in between! 

There is a 30-day probationary period where residents must be in the house between 10pm and 6am. If residents miss curfew, violate house rules, or are otherwise disruptive they will be placed on “contract,” in the hopes that they will be able to maintain residence in the house and continue to grow in their recovery.

Residents in need of healthcare, psychiatric care, or social services will receive referrals for services upon entry. Help in obtaining employment and health insurance is also available.

To any prospective resident: Challenge your expectations for yourself and your future. Amazing things lie ahead.