Apply to live at Journey House

Please read the Participant Agreement first, and then fill out the application below.

If you CANNOT fill out this online application, please call us at 207-613-4709. If applicant is incarcerated, we encourage them to have a case manager, a friend, or a family member fill out the application on their behalf.

We look forward to reviewing your application. You will hear from us within 72 hours. Please make sure you leave us a phone number that has voicemail set up. Thank you.

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What is your full legal name?
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Your application will not be considered unless you have the funds to move in or you have made EVERY EFFORT to obtain the funds. If you do not have the funds, then here you must detail SPECIFICALLY which sources (churches, caseworkers, the courts, PO, friends, family, etc.) you have discussed payment with, what they have said, and how much they are able to help pay. It costs $100/day to incarcerate you, and even more for a shelter or hospital, so it is in the best of POs and medical staff, etc., to find you this money. Scholarships are very limited, and you will not be considered for one if you submit a short or otherwise inadequate answer.
You MUST provide two of these, preferably three. Do not list any Journey House staff and do not list family
If yes, please list the charge(s) and the conviction dates. Criminal history will not necessarily disqualify you.
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Your phone number
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