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Journey House is proposing a Brunswick Recovery House for people in recovery from SUD. Residents would be those who want what we have to offer and are willing to put in substantial effort to achieve recovery. A NARR Level 2 recovery house is sub-acute and non-medical. A little bit about us:

●      High Quality

     ○      One of the first organizations in Maine to be certified by the Maine Association of Recovery Residences. Currently only 20% of recovery houses are certified.

●      Low-cost

     ○      $500/mo for months 1-3, $450/mo for months 4-6, then $400/mo starting month 7.

     ○      Over half of our residents pay nothing when moving in- awarded need-based scholarships.

●      Low-barrier

     ○      Not necessary: insurance, clean record, money, good credit, etc.

     ○      Journey House cannot house individuals requiring inpatient or other higher level of care.

●      Peer-run

     ○      Run by individuals in recovery. Executive Director and management team are certified in IPS, RCA, NAMI, and SMART Recovery, to name a few.

     ○      Executive Director is the recipient of awards for his contributions to the field of peer support in Maine. Eric is a peer navigator extremely involved in Sanford, Maine’s advocacy and 12 step recovery communities.

●      Evidence-based

     ○      Recovery-oriented housing itself is an Evidence Based Practice (EBP).

     ○      Destigmatized language is shown to increase help-seeking behavior and improve clinical outcomes.

     ○      Journey House proudly affirms and supports multiple pathways to recovery, including MAT / MAR, which is the gold standard for treatment of Opioid Use Disorder.

     ○      Prescribed medication is stored safely and administered daily using Directly Observed Therapy (DOT).

     ○      Residents are connected with outside EBPs such as primary care, counseling, CBT, DBT, etc.

●      Recovery-oriented

     ○      Resident expectations include mandatory urinalyses, pro-social events, weekly house meetings, household chores, and adherence to treatment plans, probation requirements, etc.

●      Community-focused

     ○      Requirement to interact positively and productively with all members of the community.

     ○      Monthly requirement of 5 hours of community service per resident.

●      Collaborative

     ○      Seeking strong relationships with medical, law enforcement, social services, employment and education providers, etc. to better integrate residents back into society.

●      Highly cost-effective

     ○      Cost savings for municipality, state agencies, corrections, and healthcare, etc. Reduced incidence of alcohol- and drug-related crime and acute and chronic health conditions.


What Journey House needs from Brunswick providers and other stakeholders:

●      Fundraising is critical.

●      Spreading the word and reducing stigma associated with recovery and recovery-oriented housing

●      Referrals of both potential residents and potential peer leaders to assist with operations

●      Partnerships with local social service agencies, private businesses, philanthropists, other allies:

     ○      Providing case management or assisting with in-house counseling or other groups, etc.

     ○      Acupuncture, nutrition classes, resume writing workshops, yoga, bible study, etc.

     ○      Committing to drive residents or help with a weekly community dinner, etc.

●      Donations, especially in the beginning, are crucial (financial, property, furniture, your services)

Please call or text Jesse Harvey at 207-613-4709 or email him at

Thank you,


Jesse Harvey, CIPSS, RCA (he/him/his)

Founder & Executive Director

Journey House Recovery

PO Box 8065, Portland, ME 04104